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October 13, 2015

Art of Public Speaking

Public speaking is an art that requires constant learning and practice, polishing and perfecting. Yet once mastered, be it on a stage or among your closest friends, public speaking could be the most powerful weapon in your armoury that would enable you to impress, inspire or even influence your audience. World leaders such as Abraham Lincoln, Sir Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi, Sir Martin Luther King Jr, Barack Obama are among some of the renowned speakers who are known to have moved the world with the power of their speeches. It is said that the very initiation of World War II took place as a result of a speech made by Adolf Hitler while it was the words of Sir Winston Churchill that brought an end to it.
An effective speech is never merely words. It contains both facts and emotions. Every speaker has a set of strengths unique to himself or herself that he or she may discover with time. Be it humour, motivation, narration or the invoking of an intense emotion that the speaker intends to achieve, the key is in expression. Just as the words that express these emotions are important, it is equally important that they are expressed in the proper manner. This requires the right expressions, vocal variations,tone, gestures, eye contact and almost every time a strong sense of conviction. Thus the ingenuity of the speaker will certainly aid if one expects to deliver a good speech.

A good speaker is also expected to be good communicator, hence it is also important that he keeps himself constantly informed of the events around him in addition to the technical aspects related to the content of his speech. A speaker is an individual who cannot afford to miscommunicate for a speaker is also a leader.He is an individual who receives the exclusive attention of his audience, community, during which he gets to exercise a great deal of power over them.Thus it is important that he does so without abusing that power but with effect, responsibility and morals.

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