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March 22, 2016
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June 23, 2016

An educational meeting with touch of the ‘breeze’

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Dawn of Thursday, 28th April I received this message “Dear Gavelier, …”. I was in a deep sleep but as soon as I saw the starting line I was shocked and my eyes immediately went through the whole text. It was nothing but a whole newEdited3 experience I was about to witness, “Tomorrow’s Gavel meeting will be held at Independence square, Colombo 07 from 4pm onward..!”. Being overjoyed, I confirmed my participation at that instant itself. Around 2 pm all of us gathered to the University bus halt and got into an empty 154 bus which I guess was meant for us. As always the bus took ages to take us there but however, every minute that passed, increased our enthusiasm about the novel experience. We had fun, nice chats all the way to Torrington where we got down. Walking through ‘Arcade’ which was so concrete, stepped on to the ground full of green. All of us went under the huge tree of shade with leaves of green and flowers of yellow and with giant trunks and spreading roots.

Comfortably settling under the tree, Gavelier Nuwan Perera, President chaired the First outdoor educational meeting for the year 2016, elaborating on the pleasing environment around. Gavelier Subhani Tennekon who was the Toastmaster for the day took over the controls of the meeting “Drum beats and Firecrackers” and conducted the Round Robin session which reminded us of the recent aurudu celebrations. Then Gavelier Subhani handed over the controls to Gavelier Thushan Madhusanka, who was the Table Topics Master. Gavelier Thushan had brought very interesting topics which made almost everyone to deliver speeches. Most speeches were filled with fun inclusive of humor and interestingly, all the fresh Gaveliers delivered speeches. After the Timer’s report by Gavelier Pubudu Jayasekara and Ah counter’s report by Gavelier Dinuki Hasara, the Table Topics EditedEvaluation was made by Gavelier Hiruni Jayasekera, Table Topics Evaluator. Next was the Creative session by the humorous Gavelier, Gavelier Nanthaghopan Kunalan which indeed was full of fun. It was a Truth or Dare session and can also be considered to be a Speed dating session where we got to know a lot about our Gavel members, the crushes they had, the break ups they went through, the craziest stuff they’ve done, marriage plans and lot more. Then the General evaluation was done by Gavelier Chamodhi Ravihansi, General Evaluator for the day with the tone of success amidst drizzling where the giant tree caught the raindrops and dropped them slowly on the ground. Finally the Chairperson, Gavelier Nuwan adjourned the first outdoor Gavel Educational Meeting for the year 2016, marking the successful conclusion amidst sprinkle of rain which I find to be a blessing from the sky.

First outdoor Gavel Educational Meeting for the year 2016, revolving around the theme “with touch of the breeze” was certainly a novel experience and was a massive success with the participation of fresh, current and past Gaveliers which is highly admirable. Even though the surrounding was different to that what we used to be, it had no negative impact on the quality and the content of the meeting.

Long Live Gavel..!!!

Photographs by Gavelier Thushan Madhusanka[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Gavelier Hiruni Jayasekera

Faculty of Science

Department of Chemistry


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