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Gavel Orientation’22

“Today we have an important, extravagant event in the Gavel Calendar.” This is the opening line of the exciting new gavel chapter, which brought a hopeful smile to newbies’ faces and filled the atmosphere with the prediction of a happily-ever-after.

This year also, beyond the barriers and current situation of the country, the physical barriers imposed due to the pandemic kept the club away from welcoming the next generation with a warm handshake. However, the Gavel Club of the University of Kaleniya managed to make the orientation of newbies with Gavel family through the virtual platform. Our new aesthetic generation of the club was eagerly waiting to start a new era of their lives with the Gavel family.

It was 28th August 2022. The whole club and the organizing committee members were looking forward to virtually hugging . The most awaited chapter started at 4.00 p.m. sharp, via Zoom. During the first quarter of the event, after welcoming the newbies, the committee board gave them a heads-up about the introduction of the club. After the warm welcome, the organizing members created an ice breaker to fascinate our energetic newbies.

The time had come for the passionate and expressive gaveliers to give an introduction to how the Gavel meetings proceed and function. They introduced the role players and wrapped up their session with a curiosity called “Fun of Gavel”.

After a few minutes, a video showing the fun memories from Gavel was displayed, to give the idea of Gavel more strongly and eagerly. Moreover, Gaveliers expressed their memorable experiences of events and fun activities within last year’s Gavel journey. Using these moments, the gaveliers expressed to the newcomers that “Gavel Club is not about public speaking alone but a family with people.”

With the formal termination of the event, the usual Q and A session gave a chance to express their true feelings about Gavel for newbies and shared all the vibes of an amazing evening. Ending a time filled with a lot of fun and a lot of memories with the hope of a lovely Gavel family being present with lots of new faces in the next educational meeting.

Finally, committee members extended sincere thanks to the Executive Committee of the University of Kelaniya Gavel Club, the membership of the University of Kelaniya Gavel Club and past Gaveliers, and the Organizing Committee of Gavel Orientation. Surly newcomers will add glamour to the story of the Gavel Club of the University of Kelaniya and continue the legacy.

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