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Joint Meeting Peradeniya

The best thing that happened so far was the Pera joint meeting I would say. Not only because we got to meet new people, but because we got to see the most beautiful university in Sri Lanka.

The day started as we all gathered at the Colombo to Kandy bus station, bargaining with conductors to give us a discount, and taking turns to sit on the bus while enjoying the snacks, it was a fun ride.

We were warmly greeted by Gaveliers at the Pera and then followed to the meeting proceedings. The theme for the evening was “Nobody asked me, But..”.  We got to know so many insights about people where they shared their views and opinions on their personal matters. There were two CC speeches done on that day, a CC1 speech done by Gav. Sihara from UOK and CC8 speech done by Gav.Madusha. We ended the meeting with a good photo shoot of their amazing university backgrounds.

Later, we were accompanied by the club members to see the seven wonders of UOP. This included the vibrating cement bridge, the street lights with no wires surrounding them, and many more. The day ended with an amazing lunch at their Uni canteen and the amazing snacks we all brought on the trip.

Overall, it was an amazing day that cannot be forgotten.

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