About the Club

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To empower undergraduates of The University of Kelaniya to gain recognition as good communicators with strong personalities.
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Provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every member has the opportunity to develop and practice Communication and Leadership Skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth.

10978546_807571402611768_3868305151191942701_nThe Gavel Club of University of Kelaniya has gained much reputation by becoming the first ever Gavel Club in South Asia. The main intention of the Gavel Club is to help its members to improve their communication, language and leadership skills.

One of the basic problems that a fair number of undergraduates face is the lack of basic language and communication skills, which was essential to achieve their career goals. Hence in 2003, a group of students who tried their very best to overcome the aforesaid problem, attracted more students in rendering a helping hand to form the first Gavel Club in South Asia.

The initial step was taken by a Speechcrafters’ Educational Programme at the university, initiated under the guidance of Mr. Sujith Bandulahewa, the Charter President of Serendib Toastmasters Club, Prof Kapila Seneviratne and Dr. D.U. Mohan. This successful implementation favoured the goals of the educational and career aspirations and therefore gave birth to the Gavel Club of University of Kelaniya on the 21st of October 2004.

The Club has grown while offering great services not only to the University of Kelaniya but to the entire University community of Sri Lanka. It has facilitated several opportunities, instructional and educational material to uphold its members’ skills. It also organizes various events focused on the club’s main purposes; communication, language and leadership skills. Though with a short history, the members of the club have gained much prestige in significant events by showcasing their tremendous dedication and talents.