The heart of the club is undoubtedly its members and their bond that never dies. The lungs that breathe the club into life and keep it alive are its two jewels Inter University Best Speaker and Inter School Best Speaker. 

Inter University Best Speaker. 

As much as the club thrives to craft its members into passionate public speakers, it aspires to contribute to the public speaking community beyond the club. Inter University Best Speaker is an annual flagship event, organized by the club in affiliation with the Career Guidance Unit of University of Kelaniya to unite mastery in public speaking of all the state universities in Sri Lanka.

Underlying the title ‘Best Speaker’, is a glorious quest that strides to discover authentic talent. The club believes that the title ought to be earned by a well- rounded speaker who is adroit in both prepared speech and impromptu speech. The contest consists of three rounds: The preliminary round, semi- final and grand finale and is held under two main categories; prepared speech and impromptu speech contests. Undergraduates from any state university of the country are eligible to participate in the contest. It is mandatory all the contestants compete in both prepared and impromptu speech contests to honor the purpose of the contest.

Each year the contest is given an eloquent outlook through a theme that flawlessly symbolizes the incredible journey of a public speaker. The themed – grand finale of Inter University Best Speaker is held in the University premises as a bewitching evening spectacle.

For the members of the club, the season of Inter University Best Speaker is a season of unpredictable adventure, endless hard work, formidable success, and purest joy. Every year the contest comes to an end with the earnest hope for another. 


All Island Inter University Best Speaker 2021 – “Magnificence through Perseverance” marks the most recent victory of University of Kelaniya Gavel Club.  ‘Best Speaker 2021’ was organized for the 16th time as the premier virtual spectacle since the club’s inception nearly 16 years ago. The contest progressed for nearly two months advancing through three rounds; preliminary round, semi finals and grand finals. On 28th November 2021, Best Speaker 2021 grandly came to closure.

The entire contest was conquered by Hasith Perera from University of Jaffna crowing himself all three titles: ‘Best Prepared Speaker’, ‘Best Impromptu Speaker’, and ‘Best Speaker 2021’. This striking victory of Hasitha, resounds the perfection of his oratory and reflects the success of the club’s stride to find the best speaker out of the best. Making their alma meter proud Shehan Paul and Selani Indrapala from University of Moratuwa emerged as the first and the second runners-up of the contest. Certainly, all the other finalists’ eloquence augmented the glamour of the contest.

This year the contest was ornamented meaningfully by the theme; ‘pearl’ that flawlessly manifests the expedition of a speaker. Just as a small grain of sand toils inside an oyster until it remolds itself to a lustrous pearl, a speaker too attains magnificence, through such perseverance. Not only the contestants, just as a bunch of pearls is bound together to make a beautiful necklace the pearls of the organizing committee, together created the precious jewel ‘Best Speaker 2021’



The Gavel Club of University of Kelaniya has gained much reputation by becoming the first ever Gavel Club in South Asia. The main intention of the Gavel Club is to help its members to improve their communication, language and leadership skills.


4.00 PM TO 6.00 PM


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