Educational meetings are of high significance in the Gavel club as they nurture speakers to be better versions of themselves in public speaking. Gavel club of university of Kelaniya has weekly educational meetings on a preferable day for gavel members. Usually weekly educational meetings are held on Friday from 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm.

Each educational meeting is conducted by the toastmaster of the day and there is another set of roles that supports the toastmaster. They are, table topic master, grammarian, ‘ah’ counter, timer, table topic evaluator and general evaluator. Each role is played by club members. Those who are assigned to play roles during the meeting have to certify that they would be there in the meeting at the due time.

The educational meeting commences by giving the control to the toastmaster of the day. Toastmaster shares the agenda and introduces the role players for the day. Moreover, the agenda consists of the word of the day, grammarian’s spot, toastmaster’s corner and a tongue twister.

There are four main sessions in an educational meeting which is followed by an amusing plain tea session. 

  1. Round robin session
  2. Prepared speech session
  3. Evaluation
  4. Creative session 

During the round robin session, each member gets a chance to speak on the topic for 20 seconds. The session is conducted by a round robin master. The person who plays the role of the timer during the round robin session shows a card or rings a bell once every 20 seconds. After everyone speaks for 20 seconds the toastmaster of the day hands over the control to the table topic master to conduct the table topic session.

Once the Round Robin session is finished, the prepared speech session starts. Members of the club are ought to follow a manual that guides their journey of public speaking. A selected number of members prepares a speech according to the manual and delivers the speech during the prepared speech session. The speakers are given a minimum of one week’s time for the preparation.

The table topic session is an impromptu speech session during which the table topic master introduces a few common topics and a few challenging topics related to the theme of the day. Members who are willing to speak can speak about the topics for 1-2 minutes.

The timer shows the green card in 1 minute, yellow card in one minute and 30 seconds and the red card in 2 minutes during each speech.

After the table topic session, comes the special session. That is ‘evaluation’. Usually that session is conducted by a well experienced member. The evaluators offer feedback on all the prepared and table topic speeches in the hope of molding perfect speakers. During the same session grammarian and the general evaluator deliver their reports, the former on the grammar usage of speeches and the latter, a general evaluation of the meeting.

Once the evaluation is over the creative session commences. The creative master comes up with an interesting game and does an interactive and fun session with the members, with this the educational meeting officially comes to an end. 

The end of every educational meeting is the begging of the most entertaining time of the day ‘The plain- tea session’. During this session all the members gather around a table for a sweet cup of staff- canteen- pian-tea along with a spicy Kottu to have their chit chats and loud laughs. This is where the bond gets stronger. 

Thus, the structure of an educational meeting can be described and the curtain is drawn with the hope of another educational meeting in the next week.



The Gavel Club of University of Kelaniya has gained much reputation by becoming the first ever Gavel Club in South Asia. The main intention of the Gavel Club is to help its members to improve their communication, language and leadership skills.


4.00 PM TO 6.00 PM


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