Why Join Gavel?

Gavel is a place where you learn and grow – both personally and professionally. You will belong to a world of new possibilities, where you deliver better presentations, speak more confidently, lead and participate in meetings, and meet friends who are as passionate for speech as you are.

At Gavel, everyone is friendly and supportive. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced speaker, you are always welcomed and valued. Gavel is an international family that believes in progress. Just as a mighty oak tree is born from a tiny acorn, a great speaker starts from his first speech.

Constructive evaluation is the fuel in Gavel philosophy. For each speech you deliver, an evaluator will point your strengths and weaknesses and suggest improvements to help you build up your flair. Learning with experience and real time feedback is important.

For anyone with a deep desire to become an effective communicator or a strong leader, Gavel is home. Not only will you be sharpening your speaking skills, you will also build up essential leadership qualities through evaluations, listening, mentoring, and serving in different roles in club meetings. When you pass out on the world, you will have a small treasure of experiences that will set you apart from your peers.

At Gavel, creativity has no limit. You are free to express all your inventive, inspirational, and productive ideas to an audience that believes in revolution. Whether you are fluent in speech or not, Gavel is always open to you. Your passion for speech is all that matters. Gavel will recognize the diamond in you and help you realize it.

So join Gavel today. It’s absolutely free and easy. Discover that superstar in you. Speak. Lead. Grow.